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Living in Stamford Connecticut - 2023 | Kadesha Thomas | Blog

Living in Stamford Connecticut - 2023

I know what it's like to relocate to a new state and it can be overwhelming. I moved to CT from NYC more than a decade ago so I'm listing things you really should know. As a licensed Realtor in Connecticut, I tell my relocating clients that we need to match their lifestyle to the right neighborhood. I don't want you falling in love with a house in an area that doesn't fit. 

Do you want to be far away from your neighbors or close by? Is a backyard a must have? Do you want to be in walkable areas (ie sidewalks)? Do you have to commute? If you are a hybrid worker, what type of internet do you need for work? These are all very important questions before searching Stamford CT homes

So what do you really need to know?

It's really easy to commute to NYC. You can just jump on the red line of the Metro North 🚇 and take a 48 minute express ride. Unlike Westchester County parking issues, Stamford has plenty of parking for commuters.  When I am going back to NYC to visit my family and friends, I park at Stamford train station just to avoid the hassle of driving into the city. And most of the time you will actually find a seat for the entire ride!

Stamford is a city with a lot of neighborhoods that have a distinct energy to them:

Downtown: Stamford's vibrant downtown area is the heart of the city. It can feel like a mini NYC. The restaurants that become lounges are here. Shopping is here - mall to boutiques. Beautiful high rise condos are here. In the past year over 209 condos have sold just in the Downtown neighborhood. People who chose this area to live in do not mind noise and traffic.

West Side: The West Side of Stamford is known for its diverse community and beautiful parks. It offers a mix of residential areas, including single-family homes, townhouses, and apartments. Residents of the West Side enjoy easy access to recreational spots like Scalzi and Mill River Parks, providing ample opportunities for outdoor activities.

East Side: The East Side offers a more suburban atmosphere with tree-lined streets and charming homes. It's a family-friendly neighborhood with good schools and community-oriented amenities. You'll find a mix of housing options, including single-family homes and some townhouses.

North Stamford: Located in the northern part of the city, North Stamford is a picturesque and peaceful area characterized by larger properties and a close connection to nature. The neighborhood is more spread out, offering a mix of upscale homes, some of which have spacious yards and scenic views. North Stamford makes you forget that you are in a city. It feels so far away but you are about 15 minutes to the middle of downtown. 

Shippan: is a waterfront neighborhood, offering stunning views of the Long Island Sound. It features a mix of luxury waterfront properties, charming beach cottages, and upscale condos. Shippan is an attractive area for those seeking a coastal lifestyle.

Newfield: Newfield is known for its well-established residential neighborhoods and access to schools and parks. It offers a mix of housing options, including older homes with character and newer developments.

Harbor Point: is one of my favorite places to go in Stamford. You will find me at Sign of the Whale. In the summer I love the rooftop deck and in the winter who doesn't want to eat in a heated igloo? The DJ's work in CT and in NYC so the music is always good. If you come when there's a big game on, you will love the afterparty too.

Living in Connecticut, even in Stamford means life is easier for you if you have one car per adult in a household. Yes there is public transportation but it doesn't run like NYC transportation does and it is not everywhere. If you're used to just jumping on a bus or train, get ready for bus stops with no maps. There's barely even a visible sign. I asked my kids how they even knew when a bus was coming and they had to use an app. Or you're just standing there keeping hope alive. 

Stamford Schools rate well compared to the State but the overall quality of education might not be uniformly high across all schools. This can make some families choose certain neighborhoods over others. If you would like a school report card from the State of Connecticut - feel free to email me at [email protected] so I can send you one asap.

Now living in a city means there is crime. Can't get around that no place is crime free. So Look at the Interactive Stamford Neighborhood Map for Details about each neighborhood. 

Here's a quick town guide Stamford City Info. 🌃



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