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Modern Cottage

Welcome to the Modern Cottage style, a design movement that blends rustic countryside charm with contemporary elements to create a warm, stylish and liveable space.

Don't confuse it with Cottagecore, which is more whimsical and floral. Modern Cottage offers the best of both worlds by combining the comfort and hospitality of farmhouse style with the sophistication of modern design. The result is a perfectly imperfect aesthetic that thrives on contrast and embraces imperfections.

It's a welcoming, aspirational and cozy style that feels lived-in without being too kitschy. Think vintage wooden bookshelves paired with a marble coffee table and a bouclé accent chair, for a unique and original space.

If you're looking to create a cozy and inviting living space that's both modern and rustic, then the "Modern Cottage" aesthetic may be just what you need. To achieve this style in your home, you can start by incorporating cozy, slipcovered furniture and natural textures such as linen, straw, and shearling.

Rustic and reclaimed wood can also add organic warmth to the space, while vintage decor and family heirlooms like rugs and artwork can add a touch of nostalgia. Mixing metals like brass and matte black, along with subtle patterns like plaid or floral, can also enhance the look.

And don't forget to add artisan accents such as bowls, vases, and other collected pottery. Finally, bring in fresh flowers and foraged greenery to complete the cozy, lived-in vibe of your modern cottage.

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