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Roof Flashings

Hey there, homeowner! 🏡 Have you checked your roof flashings lately? 🤔 Don't know what roof flashing is? No worries! It's a thin piece of metal that directs water away from areas where leakage can occur, such as walls, chimneys, vents, and skylights. Without proper roof flashing, your home is vulnerable to leaks and potential damage inside. 

Inspecting your roof flashings is crucial to identify any damage or improper installation.  This can prevent wood rot and deck collapse, which can lead to costly repairs. When examining your roof flashings, here's what to look for to fix or replace them:

  • Holes, bending, rust, or missing nails
  • Broken shingles, dried or missing sealant, or looseness of the flashing

Repairing a roof flashing leak can cost approximately $40 to $80 per hour in labor plus the cost of materials, which can run between $500 and $1000. 💸 But don't worry, properly installed flashing should outlive the original roof it was installed on, so it's a worthwhile investment! 

Different types of roof flashings can serve various areas, from walls and vents to chimneys and skylights.

So consult a roofing professional to find the right kind for your needs. 🔍

Understanding the importance of roof flashing is just the first step to protecting your roof and your home from water damage. So go ahead, take the next step! Check your roof flashings annually as part of your maintenance regimen, and if you suspect any damage, contact a professional for inspection and possible repair or replacement. Your roof will thank you!

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