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The Truth about Moving to Connecticut in 2023 | Kadesha Thomas|

I know what it's like to move from NYC to Connecticut. I relocated more than a decade ago and I love it here. But there are some things I wish I would have known before I moved here. 

I am a licensed realtor with William Pitt Sotheby's International Realty and I help people relocate to Connecticut all the time. I have to be honest most of our houses look great online but there's things you need to know about each city or town. I'm going to provide you with brutally honest information about what you need to know before moving to Connecticut. If you're considering this state as your new home, I'll give you the lowdown on the pros and cons.

Beautiful with all Four Seasons: Connecticut boasts picturesque landscapes, with beaches along the Long Island Sound, lush parks, and scenic waterfront areas. It literally looks like a postcard after it snows, during the summer etc. I say CT looks ugly from Jan to March but that is just my opinion. 

Excellent Schools: The state is renowned for its top-notch public and private schools, offering high-quality education and numerous opportunities for students. Compared to other states well... we are doing really well. Education is considered of the utmost importance in all communities throughout the state. 

Affluent Lifestyle: With a strong economy, Connecticut offers access to upscale amenities, luxury shopping, fine dining, and exclusive country clubs. I have to be honest, we do have this lifestyle here and a lot of people like living here because of it..

Recreational Activities: What do you want to do here? Kayak, Swim, Bike, Run, Sail, Hike or Hunt? We have it all with many indoor and outdoor options so you can do what you love year round. Our public parks and beaches are beautiful. I have to admit I am a fan of the private beaches and tennis/swim clubs just to avoid crowds. 

All of this comes at a cost though. 

Connecticut is not the state you move to looking for a bargain on a home. It is not even a place to move to looking for cheap rent. It costs to live here. The average cost of homes here exceeds the national average significantly, starting at $400,000 for a property. In affluent areas with the lowest crime, high performing schools and access to high end amenities houses start at $700,000. The homes here are older with character but well maintained. You won't really find new construction developments here unless its a 55+ active adult community. 

Utility Costs: Connecticut has the second-highest utility costs in the United States, so be prepared for higher expenses related to electric, gas, propane, and oil. If you're buying a home with solar panels, they do not convey with the house. You have to purchase them separately.

Two-Car Necessity: Public transportation in Connecticut may not be as comprehensive as in larger cities, making it necessary for most families to own two cars. And most of the bus stops do not have benches or maps. I only realize it's a bus stop when I see someone standing near a blue poll. Residents use an app to figure out when the bus is coming. 

Personal Questions: Be prepared for personal questions from people you meet in Connecticut, such as where you live or where you're from. It's a common cultural aspect here unless they moved from a city themselves.

Limited Free Activities: Unlike some places, not everything is free in Connecticut, including activities for children. Expect to pay for certain events and attractions.

If you need help finding the perfect place in Connecticut that matches your needs and preferences, feel free to reach out to me at [email protected]


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