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Milford - Coastal Town

Milford Connecticut is the first coastal town in New Haven County. Milford has a lot to offer, including a beautiful coastline with several beaches, a vibrant downtown area with local shops and restaurants, numerous parks and outdoor recreational areas, and a rich history dating back to colonial times.

Milford is the first coastal town in New Haven County. Milford is located near New Haven and very close to i95 and Route 15 making it easy to get to NYC, Hartford and New London County. 

Milford has community events almost weekly as well as annual events. Residents enjoy the Milford Oyster Festival which is just fun. It happens on The Green and there are so many activities and booths set up. The Milford Arts Council Fine Arts and Crafts fair and the Farmers Market are a popular choice.

The best place to live in Milford will depend on your preferred lifestyle.

Milford has public and private beaches as well as Silver Sands State Park.

Woodmont is located in the southern part of Milford. It is known for it's picture perfect beaches, historic homes and scenic waterfront.

East Shore is along the coast and is known for the beaches, parks and marina.

Devon is located in the northeastern part and is known for large beautiful houses, tree lined streets and a quiet atmosphere.


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